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Located in the state of Pará, Altamira is the largest city in Brazil in territorial extension and is situated on the shores of the Xingu River, important river of Pará. The River provides to the region natural richness such as seaside resorts, waterfalls and the main transport route in the Amazon region.

Altamira has two districts: Princesa do Xingu and Castelo dos Sonhos - to have an idea how big is the municipality, Castelo dos Sonhos is about 970 km from the Altamira downtown and has two time zones. Beyond natural beauties, Altamira is known for sport fishing, ecotourism activities and different indigenous tribes.

Arapujá Beach stands out as the most popular attraction among visitors. Between July to September, it happens the Summer Festival which offers to visitors sport, ecological and artistic activities. A phenomenon very common in the Amazon region occurs during the raining season - submerged beach.

Another popular attraction is the Pedral Seaside resort and its several kiosks with delicious fresh fish cooked by Pará tradition and local live music. It is located about 8 km from the downtown

Cais do Porto is another great attraction. The facility has several bars, snack bars, running track, beach volleyball and basketball courts and forested square. It is a true meeting point for locals with an amazing view of the Xingu River.

Be sure to visit the Indian Museum in downtown. You will learn more about the indigenous culture of Xingu and see a precious collection from different indigenous ethnic tribes. You can also buy some souvenirs made by them.

At weekends, many charter boats and head to several beaches on the Riverbank and spend the evening roasting fishes and meats, having an amazing experience with nature under the moonlight. You cannot miss it!

Plane/ airport
Altamira Airport receives flights from some Brazilian capitals but most of them are from Belém International Aiport. More information, please call +55 (93) 3515-1976.

Road (bus)
You can take a bus if you are in Belém Bus Station. It is approximately 800 km route and the final destination is Altamira Bus Station. More information, please call +55 (93) 3515-4984.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
If you rent a car in Belém, take the PA-475 Road and the Transamozônica Road (BR-230 Road). There is a ferry crossing on the route.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
For you convenient, rent car in Altamira is the best way to get around the city and its sights.

Taking a taxi in Altamira is a great way to get to know the city.

Altamira City Hall
Pará Tourism

The city area code is 93.


State Military Police: 190
Fire Department: 193
First-Aid Service (Samu): 192