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Bombinhas is a small and charming town, located in the coastal area of Santa Catarina. With stunning nature, the only peninsula of the South Region warmly receives visitors from all over the world.

The town offers 39 beaches with crystal clear waters – nearly deserted beaches, bays with calm waters, rough seas and a few beaches with access only through trails. A great diversity of panoramas allows you to practice several activities, such as trekking, surfing, hiking, diving, kayaking and pedalos, among others.

One of the options for ecotourism is the conservation unit of Morro do Macaco, 192m tall and with a privileged, 360° view. To get to the viewing spot you need to walk for about half an hour, along a trail of medium difficulty.

With transparent and calm waters, Sepultura Beach is perfect for freediving enthusiasts. According to local legends, the beach is named due to the grave of a slave who was killed there in 1840.

In the middle of the Atlantic Forest, the Praia dos Ingleses (or Praia do Retiro dos Padres) is an almost wilderness environment with clean and crystalline waters.

The Mullet Beach is a great place for fishing various breeds, especially mullet, which lends its name to the place. Yet another beach in the Atlantic Forest biome, approximately 200 meters long.

The Mariscal Beach will offer you its white sands and transparent waters, with medium-sized waves, excellent for surfing. The local vegetation is of abundant and well preserved restinga, and inspires long walks in an environment of calmness and beauty.

The Navegantes Airport is the nearest to Bombinhas (60 km) and operates flights from Joinville, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Campinas, and Rio de Janeiro. Another alternative is the Florianópolis Airport, 80 km away.

Road (Bus)
In the peak season (December to February), some companies offer regular bus lines to Bombinhas, leaving from cities such as Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Curitiba.

Bombinhas is a relatively small city and there is public transport to utilize as you travel around the city.

Personal or rental vehicles
The best option to travel to the wonderful beaches of Bombinhas and also to the tourist attractions of the surrounding area is by car.

Bombinhas City Hall
Tourism in Bombinhas

The area code (DDD) for Bombinhas is 47.


Tourist Service Center: +55 47 3393 7320 / +55 47 3366 4457
Tourist Information Station: +55 47 3393 6430