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Curitiba is one of the Brazilian cities that has truly entered the 21st century as a national and international reference in terms of urban planning and quality of life, according to research sponsored by the United Nations (UN) in March 2001.

Having its culture heavily influenced by Italian, German, Polish and Ukrainian immigrants, the capital of the State of Paraná was elected American Capital of Culture in 2003 by the organization with the same name. A fact soon realized by those who arrive and notice the architecture, gastronomy and local customs.

Parks and green areas are highlights in the city. The residents are proud of keeping approximately 51 square meters of green area per inhabitant, three times more than the recommendation of the United Nations. In addition, the modern architecture mixes with these natural nooks, giving a unique touch to the landscape of the city.

The Ópera de Arame, one of Curitiba's photograph picture attractions is among its main tourist hotspots. Opened in 1992, it welcomes all kinds of spectacles, from popular to classical, and has space for 1,572 spectators.

Another great visiting spot is the Bosque Alemão, an extensive green area with 38,000 square meters of native forest and is certainly has an air of European parks. The city still houses the Museu Oscar Niemeyer (Oscar Niemeyer Museum), a space dedicated to the exhibition of visual arts, architecture, urbanism and design.

The space has a constructed area of 35,000 square meters and more than 17,000 square meters of exhibition area, considered the largest in Latin America. Downtown you can find hotels suitable for visitors in town on business, usually with good event rooms.

The cold climate of the South of the country calls for hot dishes. The meat, cheese and fruit fondues can be found in good restaurants of the Paraná capital.

The city is well organized and offers efficient transportation and many green areas, which makes it one of the model cities of Brazil.

Plane/ airport
Afonso Pena International Airport receives international flights from Buenos Aires, Asunción and Montevideo, as well as national flights from the Brazilian capitals and other large cities.
Road (bus)
For visitors coming by bus, the main access is to the Curitiba Bus Station.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
If you are already in Brazil, you can rent a car and go to Curitiba.

The Integrated Public Transport Network of Curitiba allows users to take more than one bus line with the payment of a single fare. The integration occurs at bus stations where you can leave one bus and join another without leaving the bus station via the turnstiles.
Personal or Rental Vehicles

If you prefer, you can rent a car and take a ride around town.
You can also take a taxi to get around town. Calculate the fare and refer to the companies which provide this type of service.

Curitiba City Hall
Curitiba Department of Tourism

The area code (DDD) for Curitiba is 41.


Department of Public Security: +55 (41) 3313-1900
Tourist Police Station: +55 (41) 3326-3600