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The State of Espírito Santo is often sought after by those seeking sunny days, but the mountainous region of the State, where the famous Montanhas Capixabas are located, provides destinations with milder weather. In the region you will find, for example, the beautiful, small town of Domingos Martins.

About 42 km from the capital Vitória, Domingos Martins is highly sought after by couples in search of rest, especially in the months of the Brazilian winter (June to September), when temperatures drop up to 12° C and it is possible to enjoy the cozy and romantic atmosphere of the inns.

The cold makes the city that retains the style and traditions of its Italian and German settlers even more charming. To learn more about the history of the city, visit Casa da Cultura, which has a collection of photographs, documents and objects that depict the process of colonization.

The Pedra Azul State Park is one of its main attractions. The place was named after a rock that is almost 2000 meters high and has coloring that varies throughout the day, according to the incidence of sunlight, which may be found on the location. The region has areas of Atlantic Forest, with lots of greenery and natural pools, waterfalls and perfect trails for ecotourism and for practicing extreme sports like rappelling and buoy-cross.

Be sure to get to know the Natural and Organic Tourist Circuit in the district of Aracê. It consists of several rural properties which offer leisure options and natural products, such as honey and heart of palm, and other healthy foods.

Another great attraction for those who enjoy nature is visiting the Kautsky Reserve. The area has 35 hectares and houses 16 trails, in addition to 100000 plants typical to the region, especially orchids and bromeliads. The reserve also houses Pico do Eldorado, with 850 m in altitude. At the highest point, you can visit Capela da União and also have a panoramic view of Domingos Martins and neighboring towns.

Vitória Airport is the main airport of Espírito Santo and receives domestic flights only. From there, you need to go by bus or car through the BR-262 Highway.
The closest international airports are Confins International Airport, in Belo Horizonte, and Galeão International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro.
(Bus) Road
The Bus Stop of Vitória has daily bus lines which go to Domingos Martins.

Personal or rental vehicles
You can rent a car at the airport and go to Domingos Martins. Refer to the route.

Personal or rental vehicles
You can rent a car and visit the tourist attractions of Domingos Martins.

On foot
The town center is small and you can walk to the various attractions of the city such as squares, churches and houses in which German architecture predominates.

You can visit the town’s attractions by taxi.

Municipality of Domingos Martins
Tourist Attractions in Espírito Santo

The area code for Domingos Martins is 27.


Emergency (Samu): 192