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Dores do Rio Preto

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Dores do Rio Preto is a small municipality located to the South of Espírito Santo, about 250 km from the capital of the State, Vitória. The municipality was named in honor of Nossa Senhora das Dores (patron saint of the location) and the main river that runs through the city, the Preto river.

It is the location through which one may access the Caparaó National Park, where Pico da Bandeira is, which is the third highest point in the Country, with 2,892m in altitude. The park is excellent for those who enjoy hiking amidst nature.

While walking to Pico da Bandeira, you can take the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in one of the waterfalls around the park. The most famous is Cachoeira da Farofa, located on the road that gives access to the camping site.

Another location that is highly sought after within the park is Pico do Cristal, also considered one of the highest points of Brazil. The hill was named after its many rock formations composed of quartz, which makes the landscape even more beautiful. In addition, in the way you will walk amidst the vegetation which includes bromeliads and lilies.

For being the gateway to so many attractions, Dores do Rio Preto has a good tourist infrastructure with inns, hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as companies offering packages of adventure tourism.

Vitória Airport is the main airport of Espírito Santo and receives domestic flights only.
The nearest international airport to Dores do Rio Preto is the Confins International Airport, in Belo Horizonte.
You can go to Dores do Rio Preto by taxi. Refer to the fare.

Personal or rental vehicles
Leaving the Airport of Vitória, you can rent a car. Refer to the route.
Leaving the Airport of Confins, you can rent a car as well. Refer to the route.

Personal or rental vehicles
Hire a car and take the opportunity to visit the municipality of Dores do Rio Preto.

In Dores do Rio Preto you can visit the tourist attractions by taxi.

You can hire a local tourism agency and visit the Caparaó National Park and other attractions close to Dores do Rio Preto. Ask around the town for more information.

Espírito Santo Government Web Portal
Tourist Attractions in Espírito Santo

The area code for Dores do Rio Preto is 28.


Department of Tourism: +55 (28) 3559-1241
Emergency: 192