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With beautiful natural landscapes, the city of Guarapari, in the State of Espírito Santo, has mountains and a coastline in its geographical constitution. The city was founded in 1585 by Father José de Anchieta, one of the most significant figures in the history of Brazil due to his actions of evangelization of the jesuits. The destination attracts many tourists, who may enjoy several attractions on its coast.

If the intention is to rest and re-energize, the region of the mountains is the one recommended, with hiking trails, waterfalls and homemade food made in wood stoves, such as moqueca capixaba, delicious typical dish made from fish, shrimp and spices cooked in artisanal clay pots.

Praia da Aldeia, with golden and dark stretches of sand, is the main portion of monazite sands of Guarapari. Many people believe that the sands with monazite (a mineral) have therapeutic properties and, therefore, use them to heal arthritis and inflammation.

The coast between Vitória and Guarapari is among the three best places in the world for fishing billfish, such as blue marlin (mainly from October to March) and white marlin (in November). In January and February, Guarapari hosts the Offshore World Championship.

Castanheiras Beach, which is named after the huge chestnut trees (large trees that produce fruits which contain chestnuts) scattered throughout its length, has very calm waters and is ideal for families. In Enseada Azul, Guaibura (sought by families, quiet and has small boats), Bairrista (small and bucolic), Mucumã (fishermen colony, where it is possible to find privacy, with 960 m of extension) beaches form a small coast that is very popular among young people.

In Bacutia Beach, the sea is calm and shallow, and its waters are of a striking blue. Ulé Beach is a meeting point for surfers seeking big waves. Morro Beach, 3 km from the center of the city, is filled with hotels, bars and restaurants, and has an intense nightlife.

Plane/ airport
The nearest airport to Guarapari is the one in Vitória, which receives daily domestic flights.
Road (bus)
From Vitória, it is possible to take a bus and get to Guarapari. Refer to the existing bus lines.


Leaving Vitória, you may go by taxi to Guarapari. The trip lasts for about 1 hour. Calculate the fare.

The municipal public transport offers several bus lines and routes that circulate throughout the city.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
You may rent a car for visiting Guarapari leaving Vitória through the BR-101 highway or through Rodovia do Sol.


The most comfortable way of getting around the city is by taxi. Refer to the companies that provide this type of service.

Guarapiri City Hall

Guarapiri Department of Tourism

The DDD (area code) for Guarapiri is 27.


Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism: + 55 (27) 3262-8759
Ambulance: 192