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Imbituba is in the South of Santa Catarina state, 90 km from the capital, Florianópolis. The city offers an exuberant setting of white sand beaches and a well-preserved region of the Atlantic Forest biome, with areas conducive to surfing and other water sports.

The city is known to be a viewing spot of baleen whales (a species which includes the notorious humpback), which, between July and November, migrate from the South Pole for reproduction and breastfeeding. Thus, it was classified as an Environmental Protection Area of Baleen Whales, in 2000.

The Praia do Rosa, one of the most famous in the region, is landlocked by mountains and a lot of greenery. In its 7 km of extension, it offers a great variety of cactus and flowers, plus several ecological trails. One of the favorite places of surfers and windsurfers, the beach provides good conditions for fishing, trekking and even horseback riding.

With quiet waters, the Ibiraquera Lagoon is ideal for kitesurfing, kayaking, sport fishing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and other water sports. Abundant in the lagoon, pink shrimp is an attraction that enriches the local cuisine with its unique flavor.

If you like peace and adventure, visit the Praia Vermelha, it is practically deserted. Located between the Rosa and Ouvidor beaches, it is about 500 m long and is conducive to surfing. Access is made only by trails, one leaving from the left side of the Praia do Rosa (North Rosa) and another near the entrance of the Praia do Ouvidor. There is no customer service infrastructure, so be ready with supplies and do not forget to pick up your trash!

Also accessible by trail, the Praia do Ouvidor is quiet, ideal for swimming and canoeing. Before you get there, you can see its blue waters and white sands, adorned by palm trees, sand dunes, and stones from various natural viewing spots. This beach also lacks any customer service infrastructure.

Road (Bus)
It is possible to arrive in Imbituba by bus, leaving from Florianópolis, Criciúma, Laguna, and São Paulo.

Personal or rental vehicles
It is easy to arrive in Imbituba by car From Florianópolis. By the BR-101 highway the city is just 90 km away, with a trip time of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Personal or rental vehicles
The best way to travel around Imbituba is by car.

Few taxi services are available in the city. Here are the points.

Imbituba City Hall
Tourism Imbituba

The area code (DDD) for Imbituba is 48.


Police - 190
Fire Department - 193
Emergency (Samu) - 192