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A project by the world famous architect ,Oscar Niemeyer, Palmas, Tocantins’ capital, was inaugurated on 23 May 1989. It ISS the youngest state capital of Brazil and was designed in the early 1980s as an organized and functional city.

Those who visit can easily circulate through its ample and tree-lined streets and avenues. Tourist activities go to the Serra do Lajeado and the lake of the same name, formed by the construction of the Luís Eduardo Magalhães Dam.

Palmas is located in the heart of Brazil and is the gateway to many natural attractions, such as the Jalapão, one of Latin America’s largest ecotourism destinations.

In terms of gastronomy, the city stands out for its paçoca de carne seca, a typical food made to last for long trips, made from just a few ingredients: minced, fried and mashed meat, cassava flour, and salt. The fish of the North, such as pirarucu, cichla, and piranha, are also found abundantly in the region.

Since the 18th century, the region’s richness in gold reserves has been well known and these lands received many people from São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul, which resulted in a unique and different cultural mix from the rest of Brazil.

The State of Tocantins has about 10 thousand indigenous people from the Karajá, Xambioá, Javaé Xerente, krahô Canela, Apinajè, and Pankararú ethnic groups. In 2015, Palmas hosted the World Indigenous Games, which brought together more than 104 thousand people to participate, either as athletes or spectators in nine days of sports and cultural activities.

Among the main attractions of Palmas, there is the Praça dos Girassóis, the second largest public square in the world, with 571 thousand square meters. The site houses the headquarters of the three public state powers, the Memorial Coluna Prestes, the Metropolitana Cathedral and other attractions.

The Parque Cesamar shares prestige with the square in being the preference of the inhabitants for evening early morning walks. It is broad and has a small dam where some people take advantage by taking a dip to cool off from the heat, which at certain times of the year, between the months of May and October, can reach up to 38°C.

The Airport of Palmas – Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues has regular flights connecting the capital to the main cities of the Country. The nearest international airport to Palmas is in Brasília, which receives flights from Buenos Aires, Paris, Atlanta, Miami, Lisbon, Panama City, and Punta Cana.

Road (Bus)
The main access road to the State of Tocantins is the BR 153 highway (Belém Brasília). The Palmas Bus Station has 30 routes that offer daily services.

From the Palmas Bus Stations you can access the main neighborhoods of the city by bus.

Personal or rental vehicles
You can rent a car for touring in Palmas.
Taxi is one of the ways to get around Palmas. Calculate the fare and refer to which companies provide this type of service.

Palmas Department of Tourism

Palmas City Hall

The area code (DDD) for Palmas is 63.


Palmas Department of Security: 0800 631.

To enter Brazil, vaccination against any type of illness is not mandatory. However, vaccination against yellow fever (a disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes) is recommended before your trip. If you have never taken the vaccine, you need to take it up to 10 days before the trip (this time period is not necessary if you have already been vaccinated).