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Situated on the coast of the State of Paraná, Paranaguá offers several attractions with historical and cultural value. In its ancient mansions with tiled fronts and ramps of rocks, you can enjoy the marks of Portuguese colonization. The historic center is preserved by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan – National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage).

Downtown you can visit the ancient Colégio dos Jesuítas (Jesuit School), the old Rua da Praia (Beach Street, with buildings in neoclassic style) and the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário (the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary) around the church, which is the city's central landmark). There is also the Mercado Municipal do Café (Municipal Coffee Market), which houses a gastronomical center with several options of dishes based on seafood and delicacies like such as pasteis (a fried brazilian pasty) of various flavors.

The gastronomic and cultural manifestations amaze visitors. An example of the rich local gastronomy is the barreado (a typical dish of Paraná based on cooked meat). Other attractions are the Mercado de Artesanato (Handicraft Market), with items produced in liana, a knotted, woody vine and other materials, and the Fandango Caiçara, musical, poetic and choreographic expression classified as a non material cultural heritage by Iphan.

Paranaguá also offers beautiful natural attractions, such as the Baía de Paranaguá, recognized by Unesco as a Natural Heritage Site. The destination also comprises huge areas of mangroves and several islands, with Ilha do Mel being the main one, with terrific beaches. One of the tourist attractions of the island is Gruta das Encantadas [Enchanted Grotto], whose name comes from the legend that says that the site was inhabited by mermaids.

Road (bus)
The Bus Station of Paranaguá has receives intercity and interstate routes.
Personal or Rental Vehicles

You can rent a car and get to Paranaguá. See the route leaving from Curitiba.

In Paranaguá, you have urban transport at your disposal, with several lines and schedules of buses that run through the city.
Boat/ ferry
To visit Paranaguá's nearby beaches and islands, you can take a boat tour. Refer to the schedules and prices.
On foot
The historic center of Paranaguá is small and you can get around it on foot. This map may help you.

Paranaguá city hall
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The area code (DDD) for Paranaguá is 41.


Tourist Service Center: +55 (41) 3422-6290
Municipal Institute of Tourism: +55 (41) 3420-2704 / +55 (41) 3420-2802
Tourist information: +55 (41) 3425-4542 / +55 (41) 3420-2940