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Salvador is the capital of Bahia State, a place well known for its natural beauties, for the kindness of its people and for the strong influence of the African culture.

The moves of capoeira - a martial art that looks like a dance - the smells and flavors of the delicacies, the religious mix and the cultural diversity are samples of the happiness of a people that knows, maybe for it is surrounded by natural beauties, the true meaning of life. The city is also the location of one of the country’s most vibrant and disputed carnival parties.

Brazil’s first capital preserves an important historical city center, listed as Unesco’s Cultural Heritage Site: the Pelourinho, which gives the visitor the opportunity to visit Brazilian Baroque Churches and century-old manors.

There are more than 300 churches in Salvador. One of them is São Francisco Church, recognized by its grandiosity. Another important attraction is Senhor do Bonfim Church, one of the biggest symbols of the religious mix in Bahia.

In Salvador, Catholicism lives along with the African religions, bringing together Iemanja and Our Lady of the Conception, Iansã and Saint Barbara, Our Lord of the Bonfim and Oxala. The African culture is also present in music and dance, like in capoeira.

In the culinary, African ingredients are predominant, like the dende oil, coconut milk, ginger and pepper. Acaraje, caruru and vatapa are internationally renowned typical dishes, which can be eaten right on the baianas’ trays.

The main soccer matches take place at Fonte Nova Arena. Firstly built in 1951, it was rebuilt in 2013, with capacity for 50 thousand people, now it hosts concerts and events.

Salvador is a great entrance for those intending to go to Costa dos Coqueiros, Costa do Dende and Chapada Diamantina. In Bahia, there are places where nature is beautifully preserved; the State also has several resorts and lodges, with a nice structure for receiving tourists.

The Salvador International Airport receives international flights from Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Bogota, Madrid, Miami and Lisbon.
Praça Gago Coutinho, s/n – Salvador – Bahia State
+55 (71) 3204-1010


The Salvador Bus Terminal is located in the central area of the city and receives local and interstate bus lines.
Av. Antonio Carlos Magalhaes, 4.362 – Pernambues
+55 (71) 3616-8357

+55 (71) 3616-8358
Salvador subway has currently two lines and works on daily basis from 5 A.M. to midnight, including weekends and holidays.
Customer Service: 0800 071 8020

Official website
Lines map

Check the itineraries of the Salvador Bus Lines. The two-floor Tour Bus is a good choice as well.


Taking a taxi to get around the city is cheaper and less stressful. Check the prices.
Use a regular taxi or apps like Uber.

Bahia Department of Tourism

The area code in Salvador is 71.


Bahia Tourist Hotline: +55 (71) 3103-3103
Tourist Service Center - Pelourinho. Daily 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m: +55 (71) 3321-2133 / 3321-2463
Tourist Service Center - International Airport. Daily from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m: +55 (71) 3204-1444
Tourist Service Center - Bus Terminal. Daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m: +55 (71) 3450-3871