The beauty of the coast of São Paulo

3 days

The beautiful beaches and the lush nature of Ubatuba, São Sebastião and Guarujá.

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It is true that the coasts of Rio de Janeiro and of the States of the Northeast are the most well-known when it comes to paradise-like beaches. However, with its coastline of over 7000 km, Brazil has other coastal destinations which are able to mesmerize even the most demanding lovers of the sea. The beaches of the State of São Paulo are proof of that.

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Day 1
In Ubatuba, crystal-clear waters

Ubatuba is part of Costa Verde, which encompasses beautiful coastal municipalities between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Among its 70 beaches, there are some which are perfect for surfing, such as Praia Vermelha and Itamambuca Beach; others are ideal for those seeking privacy, the most well-known being Puruba Beach.

Domingas Dias Beach is ideal for families: it is small, clean and has a calm sea with clear waters. The shadows offered by its trees make it ideal for picnics. In fact, it's good to remember: there are no kiosks or bars there, so bring water and snacks.

The largest island in the coast of São Paulo, Anchieta Island was inhabited by Indians until the early 19th century. In 1902, it began housing a prison, deactivated in 1955. Today, it is a paradise of beaches and nature. To get there, you must board a schooner. The effort is worth it: the Atlantic Forest landscape hides trails, hikes and stretches of the sea which are suited for diving.

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Day 2
Surfing and partying in São Sebastião

São Sebastião is located 180 km from the city of São Paulo. It is a popular beach destination, especially in the holidays and three-day weekends. Its popularity is justified both for its exuberance and for the diversity of options available: there are beaches for all audiences!

Barra do Una has a good infrastructure of hotels and restaurants. From there, you can board a boat and ride it through the islands of the region. Barra do Sahy attracts many couples and families. Its natural pool delights children.

Maresias is the favorite of young people. Its strong waves make it ideal for surfing. And the restaurants and bars on the coast remain full day and night, when they become the stage for the busy nightlife, which always features lots of foreigners.

Juqueí Beach also has good restaurants. But its main attraction is its location, between the sea and the mountains, providing a beautiful landscape. Big in size, the beach welcomes both families, who prefer to stay on its left corner, as well as lovers of water sports, who gather on its right side.

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Day 3
Beaches, trails and Guarujá seen from above

Very popular during the high season, Guarujá has urban beaches and wild attractions, accessible through trails only. Praia da Enseada falls into the first category. The longest of the municipality, it has kiosks, a bike lane and also Acqua Mundo, the biggest aquarium in South America. The calm sea and the wide sand strip make it a great option for families.

A little further away from the city, Praia do Tombo is one of the few Brazilian beaches with international certification from the Blue Flag Programme, of environmental responsibility. Its geological formation, responsible for its holes – hence its name, which literally means “Beach of Falling” –, also creates perfect waves for surfing.

Another option is climbing Morro da Caixa D’água, located near Praia do Tombo. From there, practitioners of hang-gliding take off, and it also offer a beautiful panoramic view of Guarujá. From up there, faced with such beauty and nature, you will understand why the nickname of the city is Pearl of the Atlantic.

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