The secrets and wonders of the coast of Rio Grande do Norte

3 days

A tour through the beautiful beaches of the coast of Rio Grande do Norte.

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The coastline of Rio Grande do Norte is famous for the beauty of its many beaches, with waters which are almost always crystal-clear and warm. And also for the diversity of the activities that they offer: from surfing to diving, from SUP to buggy rides, there's fun for everyone.

We propose here a 3-day tour, ideal for a 3-day weekend, going through some of the most interesting attractions of this picturesque coastline.

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Baía Formosa
Tibau do Sul
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Day 1
The famous Morro do Careca sand dune

Let’s start the trip with Natal, the capital of the state and the largest city of Rio Grande do Norte. And our first destination is Ponta Negra Beach, where Morro do Careca, the famous sand dune which became its main symbol, is located.

Always full of natives and tourists, Ponta Negra has a good infrastructure of bars, kiosks and restaurants. And it is also suitable for those who want to practice water sports, such as SUP. A few years ago, climbing the dune was allowed. Nowadays, it is off-limits, for local preservation measures. Even still, it's worth it just being there, contemplating its beauty.

Parque das Dunas, our next destination, isn't really a beach, but it is adjacent to the coast. In its 1,172 hectares, you can have a beautiful view of the sea, as well as of the amazing landscapes of Atlantic forest and of the hundreds of species of wild fauna and flora. In 1994, it was recognized by Unesco as part of the Biosphere Reserve of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

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Day 2
Perfect waves for surfing

Praia da Pipa is the most well-known beach of Tibau do Sul, located South of Natal. Internationally famous for its perfect waves for surfing and for the beautiful landscape around it, it is a destination for those who enjoy adrenaline and also for those who prefer watching nature. There, you can dive in natural pools filled with fish and, if you are lucky, even see dolphins!

When you feel like going somewhere else, the best nearby option is Mirante do Chapadão, from where you can have a stunning panoramic view of the cliffs, of Pipa and Praia do Amor. You can get there by car or, better yet, on a buggy, taking the opportunity to tour around the beaches of the region. As there are no bars there, we recommend you take snacks and water with you, if you intend to stay there for a long time. And, let’s get real, why wouldn’t you?

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Day 3
Breathing nature

Continuing further South, we arrive at Baía Formosa. Its beaches are less lively than the previous destinations, but no less beautiful.

Baía Formosa Beach is the first thing you’ll see upon entering the city. There, one breathes nature. You can, for example, go on a buggy ride through the sands or on a boat ride through the sea. You can go surfing at high tide or go diving into the natural pools when it is low. Or you can even do nothing, taking the opportunity to rest.

Save the afternoon for visiting Mata Estrela, a reserve which has 2000 hectares. Once there, you can go on trails, on foot or on a buggy, amid the vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. A 5-hour hike leads to Lagoa da Coca-Cola (Coke Lagoon), named after the color of its waters, which are similar to coke.

At night, satisfy your hunger in one of the many local restaurants. And take the chance to begin imagining your next vacations: to the beach or to the mountains? Adventure or rest? City or countryside? Cold or heat? In Brazil, we have it all. And much more. You name it.

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