Cultural and Gastronomic Festival of Tiradentes Cultural and Gastronomic Festival of Tiradentes

One of the greatest events of Brazilian cuisine, this festival will surprise you with mouthwatering flavours.

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Tiradentes is a city in the state of Minas Gerais, and every year it provides its visitors with a delightful gastronomic experience with the Cultural and Gastronomic Festival of Tiradentes. After its first edition, in 1998, the festival was already consecrated in the national calendar as a haute cuisine reference. Among practical courses, live preparation of exclusive recipes by famous chefs, lectures and dinners distributed in the main restaurant of the city, the festival offers more than 200 attractions in its ten days.

At the same time the event astonishes the visitors, it also provides them with an immersion in the rich typical cuisines of the Brazilian states. It is very common for restaurants to offer a tasting of local ingredients and delicacies, with a more modern twist of dishes that revisit classic ones, such as baiao de dois and moqueca (dishes made or rice and beans, and fish and vegetables, respectively), and dumpling-like dishes made of duck with tucupi and pork belly with a teriyaki sauce made of cachaça.

Season your trip with this delightful Festival!

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