Parintins' Folk Festival Parintins' Folk Festival

In the middle of the Amazon, the festival marked by the dispute between the bulls Caprichoso and Garantido praises the forest folklore.

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When choosing your clothes, remember the colors of the bulls (blue and red), for they are fundamental in your experience.

Once you are in one of the crowds, remember not to cheer during the opposite group's presentation, because it can decrease the score of the crowd you are in.

Except for the cabins, there are no neutral zones at the Bumbodromo. Because of that, in case you don't choose a bull to cheer for, try to dress in colors such as white, black, green and yellow, for example.

95% of the tickets are free and the other 5% are sold (by different companies each year). In case you still cannot get a ticket, you can watch the presentations in one of the five huge screens that are placed outside the Bumbodromo.


The heat is intense, so wear light clothes.

It is recommended to take a shot against yellow fever 10 days before travelling.

When 28 Jun - 30 Jun2019 Add to calendar

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