2-day in Brotas, one of the best ecotourism in Brazil.

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In the adventure website of Brotas says: "we offer you a house, food and dirty laundry" The statement may sounds strange to those who arrive in the city by chance, but talks straight to the most tourists hearts who come for challenges, rivers, tree top walk, zip-lining, white water rafting, rappelling and many trails, in one of the best ecotourism destinations in the country. Because after all, clean clothing does not match at all the attractions offered by the city.

250 km from São Paulo, Brotas has everything for adventure lovers: splendid nature, tours for all audience and levels, specialized travel agencies, great infrastructure and excellent safety in all activities, within the charm of a small town.

In a weekend, you can enjoy the capital of adventure tourism, as Brotas is known. There's a good chance you find out that the more your clothes get dirty, the greater will be your smile at the end of the trip and tours.

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Day 1
Land Adventures

Start your day with a good breakfast because you will need lot energy for the planned activities. Viva Brotas Ecoparque (Viva Brotas Ecological Park) is a nature reserve 10 minutes from downtown and it has a bit of everything of activities, such as trails, zip-lining, rappelling, freefall and hang gliding. There are activities to beginners or advanced adventurers and for adults or children. Children will have fun at the serpentarium with harmless red-tailed boa cubs that is possible to take pictures with them. Do you dare?

After spending the day exploring the Ecoparque activities, it is time to take a rest but still experiencing with the local nature.

The next attraction, Saltos Park is in the downtown. Built around the Jacaré Pepira River and surrounded by abundant vegetation, the place invites you to walk through its trails, cross its bridges and sit on the banks of the river, watching the strength of its waters and the presence of many animals, such as birds and small monkeys.

For more radical visitors, do not miss the chance to raft in its rapids. If that's your case, get ready for a lot of emotion! The adrenaline is so intense that you will not even realize the temperature of the water, almost always cold.

At night, Brotas also has great attractions: its fine bars and restaurants which serve farm delicacies to refined dishes of the international cuisine. You should try! However, be sure to bring a jacket because the temperature drops after sunset.

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Day 2
Water and Sky Adventures

Today is the day for water activities. Cassorova Waterfall is a famous place of the city and is located 25 km away from downtown. The place has everything for aquatic adventurers: exploring gorges and the headwaters of the rivers, swimming and diving in natural pools, trails and zip-lining that end in the water. Also, there 60-meter high rappelling into the waterfall.

Between activities, you can enjoy the pool and local restaurant; recover the energies while you prepare yourself for the next attraction of the trip.

Areia que Canta does justice to the name: it is a spring in which water rises in the middle of white and fine sand, formed by fine grains of quartz. When it is rubbed, it makes a sound like a cuíca (Brazilian friction drum, type of small opossum, very popular instrument, mainly in samba schools). In addition to this curiosity, the place also offers several activities in nature, such as fluctuation in its waters and hike through the woods. A tour that cannot be missed!

When it gets dark, the best thing to visit is Universe Studies Center (CEU) and follows a session in the planetarium which normally opens on Saturdays. After the explanations, you can observe the sky through a telescope.

Finally, an important tip: schedule your activities in advance. The same for all tours in Brotas. As the flow of tourists is always great, latecomers may not be able to find vacancy to the most sought activities.

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