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Santa Catarina is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

Santa Catarina is known for its beautiful islands, beaches and mountains, where the contrast between the blue sea and the green mountains form stunning landscapes.

The capital Florianópolis has more than 100 beaches, including Praia Mole, popular among young tourists, the famous Joaquina, a surfer's paradise, and Jurerê Internacional, that also attracts young tourists and has one of the most exciting nightlifes in the country.

Summer brings people from different countries in search of diving and surfing Championships all over the coastline. Beaches like Garopaba, Imbituba and Balneário Camboriú are always full from December to March.

And, in the winter, Santa Catarina is also impressive with romantic strolls in the Serra, that include a lot of wine tasting, produced in the region. The city of Blumenau, north of the capital, is the ideal place for evening events and hosts the Oktoberfest, held in the month of October.

The economy is based primarily on agro-industry and the State is the largest exporter of pork and chicken.

Santa Catarina is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units